Creative Launch Summit 2018: A virtual conference for creatives who are ready to streamline & systemize

Are you ready to build out your email funnel, launch a killer new product and plan your 2018 finances? Ok, so maybe all of that seems like a lot at once... maybe you're ready to focus on just one of these for your business right now?

If you're looking for FREE value packed education on running your creative business this year, I'd like to invite you to join me at Copper Kettle Co's Creative Launch Summit on Jan 8-11, 2018. This online conference is totally free and it's jam packed full of content that you'd easily pay $500-$2000 if you were to attend live. Heck, there's enough education over the 4 days that if you purchased it all as courses, you'd easily pay around $800. Did I mention that it's FREE?!!? Seriously, you can watch ALL. OF. THE. AMAZING. SPEAKERS totally free for 24hrs. If you want lifetime access there's an option to purchase summit pass for $59 (early bird pricing).

FULL DISCLOSURE: I watched the 2017 summit and even purchased the pass last year. This year, I'm super pumped because I get to be one of the breakout speakers!!! AHHH... it's kinda hard to contain my excitement. I'll be talking about how to change your social media mindset and I even have a free workbook for you to download during my session (Jan 8th).

Here are couple sneak peeks at some of the incredible topics that will be coming up at the Summit:

The Year Long Roadmap to Making Money & Holding Yourself Accountable with Imperfect Concepts

Pitch Like a Pro: How to Get Published with Belong Magazine

Leveraging Passive Income to Make Money on Autopilot with Salma Sheriff

How to Use Video to Boost Visibility with Honeybook

Using FB Ads for Your Email List (even on a small budget) with Jessica Stansberry and SO many more incredible topics!

But here's the thing...

You have to be registered for the summit to watch the presentations (and get all of the FREE virtual workbooks and swag that we'll have)!

Don't miss out on this awesome event! Register now, claim your free ticket and get on the list so you can receive all the links you need to watch the interviews!

Want to know more about the All-Access Pass? Curious about what exactly you'll be getting? It's not just the videos! By purchasing the All-Access Pass, you not only get unlimited viewings and replays of the Creative Launch Summit presentations, you also get:

+ Forever access to the marketing worksheets & freebies from the speakers to help implement your newfound learnings
+ Access to the MEGA GIVEAWAY (entry available to All-Access Pass holders only) with over 30 winners
BONUS: A select handful of the best presentations from the 2017 Creative Brand Summit
BONUS: Access to ALL of speakers' free worksheets and freebies from the 2017 Creative Brand Summit
+ Access to the speakers' presentations whenever, wherever you want - forever (we're getting our Shakira on๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿฝ) 

Get in before January 8 and your price is a crazy low, Early Bird $59 for all of that, all up in your business.

Regular price is $79 (January 8-11) and the Evergreen price is $99 (January 12 & on).

Which means I know you'll wanna get in on that right now, so that you're not spending (you know how it goes - right now, you think, nah, I'll survive without it, but then the videos start coming out and, oh snap, you missed your favorite speaker and now it's $20 more, and darnt it, why didn't I just get in on it way back then?) more than you need to and, I know, you're probably way more on top of your game than I am and you never do this to yourself, but juuuuuust in case, here's a handy link ;)

**LINKS are affiliate. The 24 hour access is totally free, but you do have the option to purchase lifetime access to the Summit. If you purchase, then I'll make a lil commission off of your purchase (that's what affiliate means๐Ÿ˜‰).

Jenn Nash