Front Quadrant Strategies is a strategy firm helping mid-market privatively owned firms create and execute a competitive strategy. They use world class analytics and a personal touch to provide expertise, save time and help the small business owner resolve issues. 


Business owners that are way beyond start up phase, years into operations, and have been very successful but have plateued, and/or are nearing a transition (retirement/sale) and don't know what to do next. They are involved in their community and spend time at church. They worry about their business competition, selling and their life after retirement. In work they struggle with not enough time to accomplish tasks and having a reliable and consistent source of expertise on business matters. 


"Front Quadrant" is a term used to refer to afterburner power setting in an aircraft. To "go to the FQ" means push it up, go as fast as you can. Also, in business/math graphs the upper right hand quadrant is usually where businesses want to end up, number-wise, so that one has special significance and is also what is meant by "front" quadrant. The logo embodies the themes of movement towards a goal, ivy league business school meets small town business with a personal touch, and a journey from the "old" (or current) way of doing business to the new.

logo alternates2.png


Roboto, a bold sans serif font with multiple weights, is used in the main logo for the brand name and submark. Open Sans is paired with Roboto to compliment the bold and modern feel of the brand. 


The color palette was chosen to reflect nature and the idea of an expedition. Using colors from topo maps, boy scout compass and girl scout whistle, the color story is gender neutral, and has the feel of an outdoor adventure.

color inspiration.png


In line with the theme of movement and a journey towards a goal, topographic maps represent the journey and the compass is the tool used to guide and help reach the destination. These illustrations and patterns can be used in backgrounds, as overlays in brand images. The overall all brand identity of having FQ leading you towards your goal is reflected in the graphics and color 

compass pattern dk blue.png
green topo.png
compass pattern Lt blue.png


The logo with and without the Company name can be used over photos for marketing materials. The topographic map imagery, as well as the compass pattern, can be used as subtle overlays with images, or as backgrounds in print collateral.

FQ desk image banner2.png


You can see how the different logos will look on business cards and notebooks. You can also see how the patterns can be used.

FQ notebooks.png
FQcollateral in box.png

business card


business card

BACK - black logo

business card

BACK - white logo