Christmas List Free Printable

With a newborn in the house I'm trying to plan ahead for Christmas. Of course, seeing all the Christmas decor helps as a friendly reminder that it's not too far away. I don't know about you, but sometimes when I'm out shopping if I see the perfect gift I go ahead and buy it even if it's July. And then sometimes I hide it away and totally forget about it. And if I'm being completely honest, my memory seems to be shot after having a baby. So in an effort to stay on track this year I used some illustrations from one of my favorite illustrators, Lisa Glanz and created a Christmas Gift List printable to help get your organized. You can print out the version with lines or if you don't like to be contained there is a version without lines. 

I hope you enjoy the free Christmas printable! I'd love to see how you use the lists, so please share with me on Instagram.