Heading to Cambodia!

Since before we were married my husband and I have talked a lot about mission trips. In fact, he even sent me a book when we were dating about volunteer vacations. Since we are both pilots we've often thought about doing missionary pilot work, but it's just not feasible at this point in our careers since they require a long term commitment. We continued to daydream about what we could do and where our hearts felt pulled. He's always had a heart for Africa and I've always thought I would want to use my Spanish speaking skills in South America, but we never once mentioned Cambodia. 

We were sitting in church a few months ago when a group got on the stage and talked about their upcoming mission trip to Cambodia to fight human trafficking. When they finished speaking about their current fundraiser they mentioned that they had two spots open up on the team and if anyone was interested they should come chat after the service. Tony and I immediately looked at each other, like "well, we've been talking about this for a while now... should we?!?!". Long story short we expressed our interest and after some more chats, prayers and thought we decided to go. In February 2016 we'll be part of a team sent by our church, Spout Springs, to work with The Hard Places Community in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  We'll lead a vacation bible study-type week for children who live or work on the streets and are, or at risk to become, victims of sexual slavery. In addition we'll spend afternoons in a local park with games, activities and crafts for local street kids.

I couldn't be more excited. It seems a little unreal right now, but last week after our small group I was driving home and was overwhelmed with anticipation for how we might be able to have an impact. We've been busy learning about Cambodia and fundraising (more details to come soon!) because February will be here before we know it!





Jenn Nash